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How to get the most out of your exhibition space.

Updated: Mar 7

It can be daunting applying to exhibit at a wedding fair, yay sit back, relax and have a cuppa you’ve done it. Then comes the email saying you are accepted and suddenly you have to think about how to showcase your talents to get the

most out of the space you are given.

‘A love thing’ is here to help. 

~Make it count~

You’ve invested your hard earned cash to be there, so make your space sing with these simple guidelines.

Signage - Who are you and what do you do? Make sure your logo/name is prominent and clearly visible. Shout about what service you are offering.

Layout - Don’t just use a table. It’s easy to think that’s the only way to display your wares but think about adding a fabric or paper backdrop brings another texture in. Also think about using plinths or shelves to add some height. Stand out from the crowd and draw people in to your creative space.

Penny from Synched Events says If you are using a table 'stand to the side of it, so that you don't have a barrier between you and the couples who come past' 'Make it inviting, decorate around the sides of it'

~Backdrop ideas~

Images Pinterest and @randrweddingsandevents @synchedevents @miasylviaa

Table layout // Image @Ilikepensstudio

Top Tip: If you are using a table don’t forget a table cloth.

Space - Keep it clean and free of clutter. Yes you’ve had 5 coffees already but put your rubbish in the bin! On this note remember to keep the space around your stand clear, it needs to be accessible for all. No trip hazards please.

How can you be contacted? - Make it easy, hand out postcards or flyers. Pop a QR code on a print out to scan, or have a tablet with a link to your mailing list. People want to know more about what you do!

stop "Collaborate" and listen - Are you a fan of another exhibitors work? Maybe adding some blooms from your favourite florist, cakes from your baker mate of stationery from your pen loving pal. This will add extra interest and is also a good talking point.

Image: @sugarbuttoncakes / @edge_by_imogen_davison in collab with @brakenandtwineflowers

REMEMBER ~ Your business is an extension of you so let your personality shine through. 

Once you’ve set up your stand, the next hurdle may be engaging with your audience. Once you’ve got you spiel sorted it’s easy, just start with the basics:


“Hello, are you having a good day?”

“How far into the planning are you?”

“What’s the vibe you are wanting to achieve for your wedding?”

These are all good starting points to get the conversation started with your potential customers. And on the note of talking don’t forget to chat to your neighbours and fellow stall holders. Take snaps, exchange social handles and tag them in your pictures…networking without even trying!

FINALLY ~ Smile, have fun and enjoy the day. Find your groove and go for it!

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